Is PenCraft a scam?
We at PenCraft take our publishing, our work and our authors extremely serious. We want your experience to be fulfilling and valuable. Please contact us if you have any concerns, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What about a Contract?
Yes, we do have an agreement that PenCraft books, as well as the author, sign once a service has been purchased. Please check out our agreement here:Contract

What about Royalties?
Here’s an example:
Assuming a net price of $6.67 (after sales and delivery costs by the selling store),Your royalty is 75% or $5.00.
(your royalty is 75%: 75% of $6.67 is $5.00)
**This is vastly simplified to help you understand!**
Your royalties with PenCraft books will be much higher than a traditional large-scale publishing house. We want to do what’s right for you — the client. Not to make money by scamming people. We want to form an honest, healthy relationship that doesn’t end when your book is published. We help you build your author platform, get on social media, and to speak at writers’ conferences to sell more books and make yourself more attractive in terms of selling future titles.
Is there a guarantee?
We at PenCraft cannot guarantee how your book will perform in the market. If your book does not sell, we can help you to market it. However, while we do not own a magic wand, our a la carte services make marketing your book incredibly easy. If you don’t have the money, that’s okay! We will work with you to sell your book.

Print on Demand (POD)
In today’s society, POD publishing gives authors their editorial independence, enables speed to market, their ability to revise content, and greater financial return per copy than royalties paid by conventional publishers. POD allows for you to publish as many copies as you want at a time, in order to allow for small-scale orders. If you only want a few copies for family and friends at first, we can do that! PenCraft Publishing works with you, for you.

Again, while we at PenCraft cannot guarantee sales, we do offer sessions with an internationally certified IIC&M coach on either marketing or writing with every package (www.iicandm.org). Our coaches are the only globally accredited mentors in the world, helping to develop impactful skill sets for your professional as well as your personal business knowledge, growth, attitude and acumen. Check out our free guide, 5 Secrets for Marketing Success!

PenCraft books will distribute your book to variety of brick-and-mortar stores as well as Amazon, Kindle & Nook eBook stores. We will offer BookStubs for your book.

What are BookStubs?
BookStubs are plastic cards that display your full-color book cover on the front sides. The reverse side of a BookStub displays ordering information and a scan-able quick response code so users can easily access your book’s detail page in our online bookstore. Each BookStub has a unique promotional code that can only be accessed once. BookStubs offer a level of sophistication and class that lend credibility to your marketing program.

Why PenCraft?
Our history includes true teams and collaborative experts. Our executives have all published successful books, and we want to help you do the same! A while back, our CEO noticed how difficult it was to get found by a publishing company – at least, not a large one that demanded almost all of the profits and desired no real relationship. From that need, PenCraft Publishing was born.

How we Help
At PenCraft, we set you up with the tools for success. We will be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you like! We want to work with you to achieve your personal goals and nurture your success. We provide you with our author’s guide, to help you prep for production and market to your readers. While we do register you with the Library of Congress and your ISBN number, you will retain non-exclusive rights for your book. This means that your work remains in your control. We will place in Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and private bookstores: your readers will have access to your book on any medium they choose, in any retail format, at any time.

Have you already written a book?
Wonderful! Let’s take the next step together. Once you’ve paired with PenCraft, it will be easy to start making money from your masterpiece. Our master marketing team will help you formulate a strategy for success; coaching you on your how best reach your target markets for optimal success.

Copyrights, ISBNs, etc.
PenCraft takes care of all the regulatory work, from processing for your ISBN and registering with the Library of Congress, to assembling your barcode and contacting select companies on your behalf.

Is there a minimum number of books?
PenCraft Publishing’s use of Print on Demand allows for you to save money, as copies of your book will be printed only when requested. This lets you print as many copies as needed, ensuring you never pay for a surplus of books.

How long does PenCraft take?
The time required depends on several factors. First, is your book done? The types of services you purchase and the length of time you take to review the proofs will be variable. The entire publishing process usually takes between 90 to 120 days after PenCraft receives your complete submission

How does the entire process work?
A representative will contact you in order to properly turn your vision into a book format. Our IIC&M coaches provide advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative control over your book. You decide what is best for the project, and we will produce the strategy around your vision.

Once we have received all of your materials, we learn about your vision for the project before we begin to work on your book. After reviewing your manuscript, PenCraft works with you to choose the best design for your work. Then, PenCraft designs the book and sends you a Gallery and cover proof to review.Once the gallery is returned to PenCraft, we perform revisions you request and, if necessary, send you a second gallery. This process will continue until you approve all the content and layout within your book. PenCraft will print and send you an author copy.

PenCraft maintains the digital copy of your work and we are able to fulfill orders ranging from a single book to tens of thousands of copies as they are received. Because it is a digital file, your book will never go out of print and you have access to it at any time.