Writing Coaches, Publishing Experts, and Author Mentors

  • We are the concierge service of choice for publishing authors. Assistance with publication, formatting and design.
  • Editing of your book – no searching, paying too much or asking reluctant friends for help.
  • Coaching at all points of the process, we are available for you.
  • Complete service for ebook and print publications, covering all aspects of getting your book into reader’s hands.
  • We make the publishing process easy and understandable.
  • Author detailed marketing plan including book stubs, book signing package, social media awareness, helping make marketing easy and effective.
  • Take the stress off. We help you get your book into the hands of real readers, being enjoyed by thousands. You will have fewer headaches from submission to sales. That is why we are here for you.


As writers, we know that a little help can go a long way. PenCraft’s coaching program is designed to help you where you would like to add strength.

  • Accredited coaches, certified through IIC&M.
  • An Affordable way to get help, improve your work, and move easily and quickly to a published work.
  • One on One consultation anywhere in the world via Internet conferencing.
  • Coaches provide assistance with creation of the work, editing, publishing process, and specialized writer needs.
1 Coaching Session of 30 Minutes Package for $75 OR
4 Sessions Package for $250

Coaching Session





US$575.00 US$775.00 US$975.00
Comprehensive Authors Guide covering authoring, design, and marketing.
Non-Exclusive Contract
Place on Amazon and In Kindle store
Place on Barnes & Noble and Nook Store
Place in "Print on Demand" Store
Guidance on how to create and update Author page on Amazon
Author page on PenCraft Books
Amazon Previews
Barnes and Noble Previews
Marketing Guide
Author Support Materials
ISBN number
Colour Cover Design Custom colour cover designed
Back Cover Author Photo
Black & White inserts(illustrations or pictures) 15 25 50
Free Softcover Books1510
Copyright registration
Book Stubs 100250
Library of congress control number
Author Marketing Detailed Plan

Additional Services

Editing(per chapter) US$75.00
Book Signing Package US$350.00
Kirkus Rewiew US$750.00
New York Times Marketing US$5,500.00
London Review of Books Marketing US$5,500.00
Social Media Establishment US$1,500.00
1 Coaching Session US$75.00
4 Coaching Session US$250.00

Concierge Package

This is our flagship program designed to bring a foundation, and provide all the essential pieces of formatting your book and getting the laundry list of details accomplished. We get your book into the major online distributors, put together a foundation foroffline and online marketing, and get you to be able to make sales quickly.



Premium Package

The Premium Package includes all services from the Concierge Package, plus the benefits offurther personal service, deeper advice and care.



Platinum Package

You’ve spent a long time on your book and now you can build the best content possible us. With mentorship and focus on marketing, this package is bestchoice towards a successful book launch.